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[icon] Title: Revenge Author: Ice_Elf ice_elf Pairing: Kimi/Nick… - Fangasm
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Time:12:11 pm
Title: Revenge
Author: Ice_Elf ice_elf
Pairing: Kimi/Nick
Rating: PG-13, rating may be higher for later chapters
Genre: Drama/Angst
Beta: The lovely deltachild
Summary: After breaking up with his abusive lover Nick wants to start afresh with Kimi, but his ex-lover wants revenge and decides to hurt Nick by taking what he loves most - Kimi.

Part 1

Post Season Party, 2004, Interlagos, Brazil

Kimi made his way across the room, avoiding people who would delay him with questions of little importance. The season was over, and although there was a slight hint of disappointment in the back of his mind, he was relieved. The season had contained far too many let downs and he longed for the next to begin.  Next season he could once again fight for the championship like, as Ron had put it, Mclaren were made to do. Kimi frowned as he spotted the diminutive blonde figure sitting alone near the bar and made his way over.

“Nick?” He said tentatively. 

The other man jumped in surprise and his eyes turned wide with fear for a moment, before almost immediately settling into a hesitant smile. “Oh, Kimi. It’s you.” He said simply, seemingly relieved.

Kimi smiled back and took the empty seat beside the German “You don’t mind do you?” 

Nick shook his head and watched as Kimi proceeded to order a drink.  How long had he loved Kimi? Since their Sauber days, he supposed. He had thought at first that Kimi felt the same way, but soon dismissed the idea, which was why he had started dating Thomas.  The charming British man had seemed to love Nick from the start, but after moving in with him, things had deteriorated. Unconsciously Nick let his gaze drift to his arm, where he knew, beneath the long sleeves of his shirt, lay still throbbing bruises.

 “Nick?” Kimi reached out and gently touched Nick’s arm, pulling him from his reverie and causing him to flinch away.The Finn had brushed over a recently formed bruise. This movement could not be hidden from the Finn however, who drew his hand back hurriedly “Are you OK?”

 Nick nodded, “I guess you just shocked me.” He could tell from Kimi’s expression that the young Finn didn’t believe him, but he would have to be content with that answer for now.

 “Nick, are you sure everything is alright?” Kimi’s voice was soft, and full of concern, and for the briefest of moments Nick was tempted to tell the man everything. He could not bring himself to start though, Kimi would only look at him incredulously, and ask him why he stayed with Thomas, why he let the man hurt him. The same questions he often asked himself, and truth be told, Nick wasn’t sure of the answers. He stayed with Thomas because he was scared of him; scared of what he would do if he told him it was over. He looked up at Kimi, into those blue eyes, and swallowed. “I’m fine, but I have to go,” he said softly getting up and walking away, leaving a bewildered Kimi staring after him.

 Nick pushed open the door to his hotel room and strode inside pulling off his top and tossing it onto a chair. He entered the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face, before staring at himself in the mirror. Bruises mottled his fair skin with an almost marble like effect, and there was even an angry cut on his arm where Thomas had slashed him with a piece of broken glass during one of his more violent moods. He shuddered at the memory of that argument, and turned from his reflection, only to come face to face with Kimi, who had followed him.

“What are you doing here?” Nick snapped, searching for something to cover the worst of his injuries, but the damage had already been done.

 In a matter of seconds Kimi was at Nick’s side “What the fuck happened to you?” He demanded, causing Nick to flinch, seeing this the Finn frowned, “It’s Thomas isn’t it, he’s done this to you?”

 “No!” Nick said, a little too quickly “I fell down some stairs.” He could tell again however, that Kimi did not believe him. The Finn took his arm gently and led him to the bed.  He sat him down, taking a seat next to him. Nick sighed; he hated Kimi knowing how weak he was.

 “You can’t let him do this to you,” Kimi was saying softly “Why do you…”

 “Don’t you dare ask me how I put up with it.   I know you think I’m stupid, that you think I’m weak.” Nick exploded. “But I’m not; I know I should leave but…but…I’m scared alright!”

 Kimi shook his head, “I never suggested you were stupid. I’m just concerned, that’s all.”

 Nick was taken aback and hung his head in shame, “I shouldn’t have gotten involved with him. When I met him something in my mind told me he was no good, but I ignored it, and…I don’t think it was love, just very strong lust. I  needed to escape from my feelings for you and…” His eyes widened with horror as he realised what he had confessed. “Oh fuck…” he looked up at Kimi, and tried to decipher the other man’s reaction.  The Finn was simply staring at him in disbelief.

 “Kimi...I…” He was lost for words; totally unable to come to terms with the fact he had admitted to Kimi that he had feelings for him. He was unprepared for what happened next though, as he felt Kimi’s hand tenderly cup his cheek and slightly tilt his head.  Nick let his eyes flicker briefly over Kimi’s face before the Finn kissed him softly on the lips.

“I always thought I was just a friend to you, but I loved you from the moment I set eyes on you,” the Finn whispered softly, his face just inches from Nick’s.  The German could feel Kimi’s breath move across his face, and swallowed.

 “I felt the same about you. I’ve longed for this day for God knows how long.”  He moved even closer to Kimi and sighed sadly, “But Thomas won’t like this.”

 “He doesn’t have to,” Kimi said softly, “Who cares what he thinks?” He placed a comforting arm around Nick’s waist.

 Nick shook his head and shrugged Kimi’s arm off him, “I can’t leave him, I want to…but he would…”

 Kimi frowned, “Of course you can, if you don’t want to do it face to face, phone him!”

 Nick’s eyes widened “But…that’s so cold”

 Kimi shrugged, “It sounds as though it’s more than he deserves. It’s easier anyway; you don’t have to see them. You don’t want to know how many relationships I’ve gotten into that have ended that way.”

 “Glad to know you care so much…” Nick replied, already reaching for the phone and punching in the familiar number, he shot a glance at Kimi as the phone was answered. “Hi Thomas” he said nervously.

 “Nick, what do you want?” Came the voice from the other end of the line, “Where were you tonight, you’re late!”

 “Thomas, its over.” The German replied quietly, “We are over.”

 “And why is that?” Thomas’ voice was cold and Nick took Kimi’s hand for reassurance.

“Because…because I don’t like the way you treat me, and I don’t love you anymore, I don’t think I ever did.  It’s not going to work out,” Nick replied his voice quavering a little.

 “You can’t finish with me.  You will be nothing without me,” replied the other man, his voice menacing, “You’d have never gotten this far without me.”

 Nick almost faltered, and glanced to Kimi for reassurance, the Finn smiled reassuringly. “Goodbye Thomas.” He ended the call and threw the phone onto the bed, allowing the Finn to wrap his arms about him

“It’s alright” The Finn whispered softly, “He won’t bother you again. I promise.” He pulled the German back on the bed, wrapping his arms about him. They remained like that throughout the night.


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[icon] Title: Revenge Author: Ice_Elf ice_elf Pairing: Kimi/Nick… - Fangasm
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